Diffused Light

This post is aimed at people who’ve got glasses. They’ll be able to first hand appreciate what I’m talking about. You can skip this post if you want, its not got matter of any consequence. 🙂 I was quite young when I got my glasses and they’ve been stuck to my face since then. I’m sure if anyone sees me without them, they’ll take a second to get used to it. This is the peril of us people with glasses, they become a very integral part of our identity. I didn’t grow on my glasses for a long time. How could I? I couldn’t wear any sunglasses, even though I liked them a lot (I tried making custom sunglasses with the correct power, but they turned out to look like something that cataract patients wear!). If something in the environment got outside my frame, i would have to make all sorts of facial contortions to move the glasses to focus correctly. My issues are neither significant, nor unique, but they can get annoying at times. Recently, however, I suddenly got aware of what I was looking at when I took off my glasses to get some dirt off them. I was standing close to the window on a lovely winter morning. Sunlight was barely making it past the tree tops on to the ground, but the streets were alive with people hurrying away, just like any other day. I hadn’t got my glasses on, and for the longest time, I stood at the window, looking outside. It was all a colourful blur. Animated doodles moving about in the form of leaves on the trees, and people and vehicles on the ground. I found it so fascinating looking at 1 shape merge into another, only to peek out from the other side. Up from where I was standing, I could make out scarcely more than the general outline and predominant colours of the clothes of people. While perfect vision is obviously desired, we people with glasses can experience something unique, just by taking our glasses off. Go to a park on a brightly lit day when you have some time for yourself. Sit on a bench, take your glasses off, and just sit there. Observe. Meditative or what? The closest I can explain it to others is how sharp light coming in your window looks after it goes through a plain white curtain. Diffused light has a magic of its own. From where I stood, looking outside with my imperfect vision, I could only see people. Human beings. I couldn’t see a Hindu, or a Muslim. I couldn’t see a rich person or a poor one. I couldn’t see a beautiful person, or a not-so-pretty one. Everyone was the same. Similar wishes, fears, desires and needs. All it took me to truly understand this was to remove my glasses………… and really pay attention.

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