Daydreamed Inventions

Back when I was 10, and hadn’t let the world influence me with its thoughts of what can and cannot be achieved, I had a hyperactive imagination. A very hyperactive imagination. I had seen Dexter’s Lab, and loved his cool gadgets. To me, inventions were a very nice way to get rich while helping people solve problems. I had thought up a few crazy inventions which seemed common sense and workable. Thankfully, I remember most of them, conceived in boring lectures, and want to share them with you here in the hopes it will make you chuckle, and take you back to any crazy childhood thoughts of our own. So, let me delineate them below, with my own childhood logic of why the idea seemed workable.

Condenser for Exhaust Fumes of Cars: The logic here is simple. You cool water vapour to get back water, so you should cool car exhaust fumes to get back petrol. *POOF!* that’s the end of the fuel crisis right there! It’s so simple, how come no one else thought of it? I would’ve pursued the idea further, but the thought of a fridge dragging behind a Lamborghini was too much to bear. Would’ve killed the look of the car

Continuous Balloon Blower: Another one for cars. We were just being taught about global warming, pollution, and the role car fumes play in all of this. The idea was to have a machine keep attaching balloons on the pipes of the car. The exhaust would fill it up, and the balloon would be replaced by another one when it reached its capacity. All the balloons would be collected, put in space ships regularly, and taken away from earth, so they wouldn’t pollute our atmosphere. A few balloons would be kept by me for some time as decorations in my birthday parties, so my father wouldn’t have painful cheeks from blowing so many balloons himself. 2 birds, 1 stone!




Glasses to Detect Angels: This one comes from one too many morality stories where you’re told angels roam the earth at times and observe our behaviour. If we aren’t behaving appropriately, they’ll have us punished. Obviously therefore, I needed glasses that would show me who really was an angel. I don’t want to be caught off guard!

Ears that Allow Selective Listening: No brainer! Who cares about the area of a triangle? And I don’t want to be part of the teacher’s rescue mission to ‘find x’. I’d rather hear what those two girls ahead of me are talking about

Pencil Marks that can be Peeled off the Paper: Like sticky tape!….. This one comes from one too many torn sheets of paper because of excessive erasing. Which reminds me……

Magic Sticky Tape: The end of the tape changes colour when it is cut. This makes it easy to find the end the next time (Do I smell a million dollars? :p)

Sadly we grow up, and these little creative exercises stop. I think I should resume them just for fun’s sake 🙂 Let me know if your younger self has had any whimsical ideas too.

2 thoughts on “Daydreamed Inventions

  1. Desi I enjoyed reading about your wonderful inventions, I think the sticky tape one is genius, especially for oldies like me who need glasses or a young person around to find the ends. Too funny. Never lose the inner child they say.

    Liked by 1 person

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