How I Deal With Frustration

You’re aware, I’m sure, that I’ve been searching for a job for some time. The usual avenues are being explored, resumes are being sent to everyone willy nilly, Gods are being implored, yet there’s no progress happening, unfortunately. Naturally, this process will cause frustration, not just to me, but to anyone who’s unlucky to see such times.

It’s frequently said that anger directed outwards is rage, and anger directed inwards is depression. Anger directed SIDEWAYS is what this post is about. I didn’t think of the ‘sideways’ term myself though, i stole it from one of my favorite shows of all time – MASH. After quite a few painstakingly written emails with politeness, gratitude and professionalism get absolutely no response, not even an ACKNOWLEDGEMENT, anyone is bound to lose his head. So what do I do? I send them more emails… this time from a different email address…. Aah! you’re getting the drift, right? But I have done my very best to not call anyone names, or antagonize them. At best I’m sure they must’ve printed my email and stuck it on the notice board for all to laugh!

So, let me take you straight to the mails now. Hope you have a little laugh yourself.


1) Selling mutual funds actually has lesser returns than the funds themselves

(Borivli is a suburb in Mumbai, for everyone who might not be aware)


2) Aimed at the companies that try to be so formal, they come across as stupidly rigid


3) Replying to ridiculous things written as part of the requirements



4) Hey, I can appreciate things too!



5) All canons loose on HR !

A note here, ‘Shakuni mama’ is a character in the epic – Mahabharata. He was the maternal uncle of the Kauravas, considered exceptionally cunning and devious, and is widely considered the cause of the great battle that ended in the extinction of an entire clan.

And finally,


6) A sarcastic dig at a coffee shop chain

The waist size thing isn’t even a joke! I’ve been rejected a job at Vodafone because they don’t make uniforms in that waist size! Hahaha!

Hope you’ve had as much fun reading these as I’ve had sharing them…. Although, now that I think about it, Karma will be coming around to bite me on the backside! Do share your feedback, I always love reading it.

2 thoughts on “How I Deal With Frustration

    • Its DEFINITELY a crazy world…. I’ve been calling up people at recruitment firms and sending resumes since the past few days. This is not a good time in history to be an introvert who’d be happy to avoid the phone. The idea of journalism hasn’t occurred to me, thanks for pointing it out… Hope this post made you laugh though 🙂


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