A Man’s Worth

When I was a baby, I was worth the future dreams of my parents. As a child, I was worth the marks I got in my report card. For my friends, I was worth the toys I brought to the playing field. In college, I was worth the major I chose. In love, I was worth the times I made her feel good (and replaced when I ceased to do so). For my job, I was worth the money I made the company. At home currently, I’m worth the resources I consume and fail to replenish. As a husband and father, I will be worth the money I make (good thing I don’t plan to marry). For God, I’m worth the ‘net good karmas’ I do in this lifetime. After I die, I will be worth the spoils I leave behind…..

Is there no one who likes me just for being me?

2 thoughts on “A Man’s Worth

  1. Desi you are worth much much more, as a human being on this earth. We are here to learn how precious our life is. Embrace it and most of all the number one person you should love is yourself. Its not about money, its about who you effect around you and the choices you can make to help others. Even if all you have to give is a smile. My mum is well known mostly for her smile and thats a beautiful thing.

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