My Tryst With Laziness

The industrial revolution has created so many myths, like the myth that men and women have to be in perfect sizes (when the reality is that these SIZES were made so that manufacturers can easily mass produce clothes), or like the myth that having more STUFF makes you happy… heaven knows how many people are struggling with that one. I don’t mind some of these myths, atleast the desire to wear that smaller size shirt inspires me to get in shape. No, I’m ok with these little lies, but the one I take offence to is the myth of ‘an ideal, productive man’, a myth that laziness is bad, and evil, and something to be despised, and if you aren’t pulling your hair and running around frantically like the world is about to end, you’re not performing optimally…… If I didn’t know better, I’d say the bible was amended much later to include ‘sloth’ among the 7 deadlies.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for productivity, what I’m against is the mindless, robotic EFFICIENCY expected from people by those above them, and if by God’s grace you fulfill the requirement this month, a tougher benchmark is set for you, and the stress, insomnia, hair loss and acidity come back.… Aah the charms of modern life!

LazinessI’m proud to say I’m lazy, even though it is one of those prejudices still acceptable in today’s world. You will frequently find me on my favourite corner of the couch, honing the one natural talent God has given me, of coming up with excuses. In my defence, I’m only trying to avoid work that I’m not good at or interested in. This is laziness’ biggest advantage. Think about it, if I’m allowed to be lazy and not do something I don’t really like, someone else better equipped to do the job will do it. Ultimately its good because the work being done is of a better quality, and no one is unnecessarily stressed out!

But don’t worry about the all important ‘work’ not being done. Laziness has been the cause of all our inventions. We got tired of walking and invented the car. We didn’t want to go out of our home for entertainment, we invented the TV. We didn’t want to get up to change the channel, we invented the remote control. We owe our progress to laziness, and lazy, intelligent minds will once again come to our rescue to do the work we anyways dislike doing, leaving us with more lazy, free time to nurture our little hobbies and talents we’ve sacrificed to make a living.

For those of you abhorred by my justification of laziness, consider the examples in nature. My favourite mango tree only produces fruit once a year, and lazes around the rest of the time sunbathing, and look at the delicious result it produces! We have FESTIVALS for mangoes, not for the poor banana that fruits all year round. I’m also convinced that the only reason mammals survived while the dinosaurs were wiped out is that we were hibernating deep below the earth’s surface while the asteroid strike and consequent events knocked out the poor lizards.

If you still aren’t convinced, ask YOURSELF if you would like to do anything more than laze around on your day off from work. I know a few who even hate getting out of the bed. See! now you agree with me, don’t you? Your body wants to return to its natural state of being lazy after you drive it insane all week just so you can be called ‘productive’. And don’t we all nurture a small dream of ONE DAY leaving all this frenzy behind and going to settle in the quiet countryside? Am I, therefore, doing anything wrong in being preemptively lazy? I’ll probably avoid hypertension and heartburn too.

Convince yourself to rise up and fight against all who want to infringe on your fundamental right to be a lazy individual…. or you could just go take a small nap in the middle of the day as quiet defiance 😉

2 thoughts on “My Tryst With Laziness

  1. Love it Desi and agree we should all have a lazy day…..thats what Sundays use to be. Maybe a national day for laziness is in order. Like you say less stress and health issues. I think the Spanish with their afternoon siesta’s have got it right. Enjoy your day no matter what comes your way. enjoyed the read.

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    • Sunday’s stopped being lazy days a generation ago. Yes, the Spanish have it made with their concept of the siesta.. Did you know there’s a city in India called Surat where traditionally all shops and businesses shut in the afternoons for people to sleep? The weather is on the harsher side there, you’d be crazy to leave home in the afternoons. The MNC culture now has nearly put an end to that practice 😦 I hope the Spanish aren’t facing such an issue.. Thanks for reading, and even more for your comment! I can always count on you to read my posts 🙂


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