I Love My Government

Yes.. I admit it.. I LOVE my government, and sincerely believe in the image of themselves they try to propagate to us citizens; that they are full of wise visionaries whose every decision (or lack of it) is aimed at a greater good for all. I’ve got my blinkers firmly in place, and believe everything that the government tells and doesn’t tell me. I’ll stand up for my government and show their inherent wisdom to all naysayers who can’t yet see the light

You think I’ve been bought by them to publish their propaganda? Please.. my government doesn’t indulge in wasteful expenses like buying blogs, or modern weapons for our cops, (err.. actually, even BULLETS for the existing guns) this is 100% heartfelt appreciation for the geniuses with the decision making powers. Consider a few scenarios that others would say reflect poorly on the local governing body’s decision making capabilities, and let me point out a few nuggets of wisdom hidden inside.. all you need is a desire to see the truth..

First a common complaint by everyone… ROADS… earlier we used to have tarmac roads. Since these roads got damaged every year by excessive wear and tear (not by shoddy materials used in construction, don’t believe the rumors of bribery) my wise local government decided enough is enough, and they went ahead and removed all the tarmac roads in the city, and instead installed concrete paver blocks. A brilliant move! guaranteed to not get damaged as easily, and looks classy too. So all of Mumbai got its interlocking paver blocks. You could complain about how they made walking difficult, and cars seemed to rumble constantly, but atleast they’d be better than pothole filled tarmac roads… if only. These new paver blocks began to give way from below, forming craters and uneven surfaces that makes it a challenge to walk without tripping now and then. So, now they’ve decided to remove all the city’s paver blocks once more and replace them with…………. Tarmac! But before you criticize the poor officials, spare a minute to think of the advantages their haphazard plans have provided. Firstly, if they used proper materials and worked honestly, the roads wouldn’t need repairs. Repair free roads mean a lesser staff requirement for maintenance, which will promote unemployment, and possibly crime. Imagine the problems unemployment can cause in a populous country like India. By engaging a vast workforce in digging, making and re-digging roads, while making sure work quality is sub-optimum, my local government makes sure there’s ample employment opportunities available all year long. Having asthma attacks as the entire city is dug up at once is a small price for development.

Recently Mumbai experienced a record high rainfall for a consecutive 3 days, that all but brought us to our knees… AGAIN.. I’m stressing on ‘again’ because every year the same spots get flooded even in moderate rain, not to mention such torrential downpour. My government refuses to pre-plan and have resources ready to fight the flood. There’s no evacuation plan, there’s no early warning system, and if there are pumps to remove water, there’s no diesel to operate them. Don’t form a poor image of them, understand WHY they refuse to be prepared, and promise to be prepared next year. If they step in and take care of this problem, people will start becoming more complacent, and stop looking after themselves. I mean, if the government solves this problem, citizens will expect them to take care of law and order next too! Also, forcing people to rely on each other during every years calamity brings about a sense of community, and promotes better social integration amongst people. Such a noble goal my government is trying to achieve! Now we have a few watch groups in these areas consisting of residents. They’ve taken it upon themselves to prepare in advance, keep food supplies and rafts ready, without waiting for the government to do about it… such a self reliant population we have in my city, all thanks to my inefficient government.

I’ve traveled to a few western countries, and have been amazed at how easy it is for me to find my way around, especially with public transport. The signs are clear, electronic displays work properly, and everything is where you would expect to find it. Not so in India… Things are sometimes so well hidden, there’s actually a restroom on one of the normally crowded railway stations that’s placed at a location where no one will expect it… as a result, its almost always empty 😉 Electronic displays stop working and aren’t replaced/repaired for months, forcing everyone to go through a lot of inconvenience and uncertainty. Does it make your blood boil? It shouldn’t. All my government is trying to do is give everyone a chance to develop their own little niche areas of expertise that ultimately leads to an overall enriching life. Did you know that developing advanced knowledge or expertise in something gives one a higher sense of satisfaction and self worth? So, we have people here who are proud experts in train timings, some know which compartments in which train are less likely to be crowded, and which exit at the platform is less crowded. Yours truly is somewhat of an expert in road routes….. no bragging, but I’ve figured out some spots that make it possible to avoid traffic even in rush hour (google maps isn’t too accurate)

Are you beginning to see the light yet? You should, because things aren’t going to improve here anytime soon. Its best to just grin and bear with it. And I don’t care what you believe from the current state of my city, we are DEFINITELY going to be like Shanghai in the next 4 years. Why? because my government said so 🙂

2 thoughts on “I Love My Government

    • Venting and ranting is my speciality, too bad I can’t put it on a resume 😀 haha.. My government’s been listening to us all the time…. unfortunately its mostly in one ear and out the other :p Thanks for reading and commenting


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